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Hi! I’m Zoe Chu,
SG Supernanny!

I help families get back their precious sleep!

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Are you concerned about your precious little one?
  • Is your baby catnapping in the day?
  • Is your baby refusing to settle down at naps and bedtime?
  • Is your baby waking up multiple times at night?
  • Is your baby refusing to sleep in their own cot/bed
  • Is your baby waking up at 5am in the morning?
  • Is your baby being fed, patted and rocked to sleep?
  • Is your baby needing pacifier or hammock/swing to fall asleep?
What about you?
  • Are you struggling to get your baby or your toddler to sleep well and through the night?
  • Have you been feeling tired, moody and just unable to be present and happy caring for your precious little one?
  • Are you getting into more arguments with your spouse or even your loved ones due to the lack of sleep?

Hi, I’m Zoe.

If you have been struggling to get your little one to sleep and you feel that you are losing your sanity each day with the lack of sleep... 
There's a way to tackle your child's sleep issue for good—and finally, get some deep, rejuvenating sleep yourself. 
Not getting enough sleep isn't just bad for you but it's also bad for your baby. 
It's not good for babies because inadequate sleep might affect their growth and development. 
And of course, it's awful for your health (and sanity)...not to mention your marriage—it’s so hard to be yourself when you’re exhausted, right? 
I know because I’ve gone through this myself…with 4 kids! 
But I had to learn the hard way...when I first had my twins, I was really struggling to get them to sleep. My husband and I were like walking zombies. I didn't know how bad the sleep deprivation was starting to affect me emotionally and mentally until I got into a fight with my mother-in-law! I was horrified with myself as the usual well rested me would not have reacted this way. I was not myself at all.  
Then one fine day, a lovely neighbour of mine, Vania told me to explore sleep training and with her guidance, I started implementing what I have learned on my twins and voila! It worked and my twins started to sleep well and through the night. 
I started a blog about my sleep training journey. And then, other sleep-deprived parents were asking me for help. Before I knew it, my story about helping tired families was featured in “Mother & Baby” Magazine, “Motherhood”, and even The Straits Times”. 
Today, my mission is to help as many tired & sleep-deprived’ parents, just like you, claim back your sleep so you too can enjoy your little ones. 
I learned from my mistakes I made as a first time mom, connected all the dots and discovered how to get my babies to sleep well and through the night. 
So, the HARD TRUTH is that it has taken me lots of trial and error to get to where I am today. However, my goal is to change that for YOU. I want to take my own struggles and turn them into WINS for you... 
Because my business is not just about me. It’s about the people I’m meant to help. 
...and that’s where the GOOD NEWS starts for you :) 
I have developed a simple 5 Step System that is proven and effective to getting your child to sleep well and through the night.

My 4 babies including my twins are able to sleep through the night from just 3-4 months old because I fostered healthy sleep habits for them.

I have helped thousands of tired and sleep deprived families get back their precious sleep as well using my simple, proven and effective 5 steps Sleep Baby Sleep program.
So when you see other babies sleeping so well and falling asleep on their own, it’s not because they have some special sleepy dust. 
It’s just because their parents made the decision to sign up and acquire the knowledge to apply what they have learned.

The good news is, YOU can pick up these knowledge and apply them too so you can get your baby to be a good independent sleeper!

To help you get started,

I encourage you:

Get Help!

You have struggled on your own for a while and you finally realised it's better to seek help and apply the right steps.

Find out what sleep packages suit you best based on your need and your budget. You can Do-It-Yourself or get personalised guidance every step of the way.

In any case, I am here to help!

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SG Supernanny's Sleep Philosophy

Is it going to be Cry It Out? Is your sleep system rigid? Do I have to calculate total wake time?!! The short answer is NO! :)

If you are going to get me to help you with your precious child's sleep, you probably want to know more about my belief system when it comes to sleep and who I am.

YES! I want to know more.

SG Supernanny's Blog and YouTube Channel

This is where I talk about everything related to sleep, newborn, baby, toddler, preschooler and even adult sleep!

I also like to talk about good values, parenting and family. I also like to laugh and do some silly TikTok videos and of course have some fun while learning together!


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Here are some of SG Supernanny’s Sleep Baby Sleep Program SUCCESS STORIES

Kean and Xixi’s Success Story

Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Program when their baby is 6 months old

It was a real privilege to get a lovely video testimonial from Kean and Xixi who are my clients who live in New York. They followed my 5 steps system baby sleep training program consistently and got the results they wanted for their baby. I had a great time catching up with them when I was in NYC a few months ago. Thanks so much for putting your trust in this baby and child sleep expert all the way from Singapore!

Janice’s Success Story

Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 4.5 months old

Janice (@cheeksymeeksy), a new mom from Singapore was really struggling with her 4.5 months old baby sleep – Kyro before engaging to baby sleep expert, Zoe. Kyro was waking up multiple times at night and he wasn’t napping well during the day…she and her husband were exhausted and they also have another older daughter to look after. After joining my Sleep Baby Sleep Training Program, their lives were transformed for the better once and for all and it all happened in less than 5 days!

Gail & Gem's Success Story

Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Program when her baby was 9 months old

"Life changed after we joined Sleep Baby Sleep program. Zoe's 5 steps system works very well for Sora. All we have to do is just read her a book, give her a kiss, put her down to sleep and she's a happy baby. She sleeps within 5 mins and she can sleep for 2 hours for her naps. We are much more well-rested, we have long blocks of sleep, no disruption and no more waking up in the middle of the night to give her pacifier because she can self-soothe."

Jack and Nadia’s Success Story

Joined SG Supernanny’s Sleep Program when their babies were 2.5 years old and 5 months old

“We got our lives back! We got our sleep back! We were both happier and more productive and playful during the day. It was life changing! We will definitely recommend Zoe to as many people as possible because it really really worked!”

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