3 Best Sleep Tips For Your Newborn Baby

Do you have a newborn?

Have you been told that it’s too early to teach your newborn how to sleep well?

Did you know I fostered healthy sleep habits for my baby girl from Day 1?

It was the best decision I made for my child. She started sleeping for longer stretches at night by 6 weeks old. Granted of course some nights she would still wake up for feeds because her tummy was still very tiny as a newborn.

Here are my 3 key sleep tips for newborns.

Establishing a Routine

Yes contrary to popular belief, you can still have a routine for your newborn. Your newborn can only be awake for 45 mins to 1 hour. So make sure you allow your newborn plenty of time to sleep in between the feeds.


Newborns tend to make a lot of noise, fuss, whine and cry before they fall asleep and that’s totally normal. You need to pause for a few minutes before picking baby up right away.

Self Settling

Your newborn can self settle if given the chance to do so. Consistency is the key here. I like to apply the 80/20 rule for newborns. 80% of the chance I would allow my baby to self settle to sleep and 20% of the time I would help my baby fall asleep especially during those witching hours when she just can’t seem to self settle. If you follow this 80/20 rule – chances are your baby is on the right track to sleeping better and longer as she gets older.

Please share this post with your friends and families with newborn. Comment below and share with me if you have tried any of the sleep tips above with your newborn before.


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